A Message from Katharine Weber, 2017 NATERA Chairman

Dear NATERA Member and Logistics Colleague:

I believe there are two undisputable facts: (1) there are many H.R. and legal associations out there; and (2) most H.R., legal and labor professionals are extremely busy and generally do not have a surplus of time. That is why I believe NATERA is the answer for H.R., legal and labor professionals in the transportation industry.

NATERA is unique. It does not just deal with the run of the mill H.R. or legal issues that are addressed by most associations. Instead, NATERA’s sole focus is the transportation industry and addresses those issues that tend to keep many of us up at night.

How do we do that? It all starts with our membership. NATERA is composed of transportation industry leaders, including H.R. professionals, attorneys and labor professionals. It is from this diverse base that we can provide so many learning and networking opportunities to our members.

As the Chair this year, it is my goal to continue to strengthen the value that NATERA provides to our members. You can count on NATERA to once again offer a top-notch webinar series and annual conference. In addition, we are working hard to increase the content on our website (NATERA.org) so that our members have even more learning opportunities.

Don’t wait! Add the dates for the webinars and the annual conference to your calendar right now. And make sure that if you have not already applied to become a NATERA member that you do so now. Your peers have learned the secret – – don’t be left behind any longer.
I look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Very truly yours,
Katharine Weber