COBRA Basics with an ACA Twist Presentation

Employee Benefit attorneys Lynn McGuire and Thomas Shaevsky of Butzel Long will go over the basic rules that apply to COBRA coverage, highlighting issues that regularly trip up employers. The Affordable Care Act also affects employers with COBRA obligations, and the intersection of these two laws is an area with the potential for causing unanticipated headaches. Lynn McGuire and Tom Shaevsky will spend an hour talking you through these issues, to help you avoid costly mistakes.

The objectives of the NATERA organization are:

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  • To promote, encourage and contribute to the attainment of the highest degree of professionalism by transportation executives and management personnel.

NATERA is the sum of all its parts: labor relations, personnel, human resources, industrial relations, legal counsel, as well as other executives and management personnel in the trucking industry. By understanding NATERA’s purpose and objectives we hope every trucking professional will consider this an open invitation to join the Association. As with any trade organization whose principle aim is to serve its members, NATERA will become as strong as its members make it.

NATERA is all about its members – uniting to advance NATERA member’s careers and their profession through a variety of educational opportunities.

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