Good news!
The Houston airport is open, the roads to the hotel are clear, and the Houston Marriott West Loop is open for business! So, the NATERA Conference in Houston on Sep. 16 – 19 is still very much a GO! GO! GO!

It’s not too late to register. Let’s show our solidarity with the citizens and business community in Houston and how much we care about them by making this Conference a rousing success. NATERA will be donating at the Conference to a Houston Hurricane Relief Fund and we encourage attendees to do likewise.

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The objectives of the NATERA organization are:

  • To enhance the productivity of all employees in the transportation industry.
  • To minimize the risk of financial loss resulting from uninformed employment decisions.
  • To enhance the employment environment for all employees in the transportation industry resulting in an image which will attract the highest quality of employees.
  • To promote, encourage and contribute to the attainment of the highest degree of professionalism by transportation executives and management personnel.

NATERA is the sum of all its parts: labor relations, personnel, human resources, industrial relations, legal counsel, as well as other executives and management personnel in the trucking industry. By understanding NATERA’s purpose and objectives we hope every trucking professional will consider this an open invitation to join the Association. As with any trade organization whose principle aim is to serve its members, NATERA will become as strong as its members make it.

NATERA Conference in Houston on Sept 17-19, 2017
On September 17-19, 2017, the North American Transportation Employee Relations Association (NATERA) will host another of its highly acclaimed Annual Labor and Employment Law Conferences, this year at the Marriott Galleria in Houston, TX. Peruse the agenda below and we think you will agree that this year’s Annual Conference is the best yet! You will have opportunities to dialogue with leaders in the trucking industry and trucking industry representatives, and the heads of federal government agencies and departments which regulate your business , while at the same time (and most importantly) meeting, benchmarking and networking with your peers in the industry.

This year, NATERA offers two complete interactive sessions – one, at the beginning of the conference, on labor relations and the simulation of a union organizing campaign; the second, at the end of the conference, an interactive session on your most pressing employment law concerns. In between, the Conference is chockablock filled with panels and speakers, including breakout sessions, which address all of your labor and employment law concerns.

Please register yourselves and your colleagues early! You will not want to miss this opportunity!