COBRA Basics with an ACA Twist Presentation

Employee Benefit attorneys Lynn McGuire and Thomas Shaevsky of Butzel Long will go over the basic rules that apply to COBRA coverage, highlighting issues that regularly trip up employers. The Affordable Care Act also affects employers with COBRA obligations, and the intersection of these two laws is an area with the potential for causing unanticipated headaches. Lynn McGuire and Tom Shaevsky will spend an hour talking you through these issues, to help you avoid costly mistakes.

Hot AIRR: Fake Privatization for Air Traffic Controllers

Article By NATERA Board Member, Russ Brown

Appeared on the THE DAILY CALLER 2/16/2016


Privatizing the air traffic control system sounds like a good idea.

It has at least since 1981 when then-President Ronald Reagan fired 11,000 air traffic controllers for going out on strike. Now there is a bill before Congress, the Aviation Innovation, Reform and Reauthorization Act (AIRR), which proponents say will that do exactly that.

Or will it?

This is an old fashioned case of bait and switch, as there is no private business that would actually do the job of managing America’s air space, if the bill becomes law. What is proposed is a quasi-government agency that will be accountable to no one.

The air traffic controllers would remain under federal labor jurisdiction, maintaining their current federal benefits if they choose. It would also add collective bargaining powers to the union an allow the air traffic controllers to circumvent federal law on salary caps.

How will this be paid for? By charging anything they want as user fees to those whom they service; i.e. airlines. In other words, us.

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